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We deliver the best Merger or Acquisition opportunity that meets your specific company objectives
when Acquiring A Business


Our Methodology

Our M&A model aims to deliver the best result, backed by a proven track record. our methodology is based on five cornerstones:


Our wealth of experience supports business acquisition through a range of services, including expert research, insight and negotiation.
We work with a range of large corporate acquirers and high net worth entrepreneurs, adding value via strategic acquisition services that help buyers acquire a great business at a fair price.


Having been a Corporate Acquirer ourselves, we have many years of experience in this area.

  • We understand which boxes must be ticked for a Board to ultimately approve an acquisition
  • We ensure a target business fits the strategic rationale of a corporate’s expansion strategy
  • We find the perfect strategic bolt-on acquisition or merger opportunity


  • We work with self-made individuals looking to make their next business move. These
  • entrepreneurs may have successfully exited one investment, and are now ready for a bigger
  • and better acquisition – often via a business that fulfils a greater purpose or passion.
  • Other high-net- worth entrepreneurs may have just arrived from Asia, Africa, Europe or the
  • Americas, and are seeking an attractive mid-market acquisition with plenty of expansion opportunity, to utilise their considerable skills.

The Acquisition process

A merger or acquisition could take several forms, depending on resources and strategic intent. These may include one or more of the following:

  • Outright purchase of the whole business or company shares, with no seller lock-up
  • A staged purchase with lock-up and earn-out
  • A merger with, or substantial stake in the target business, followed by a full purchase
  • Leveraged buy-out (LBO), arranged with an optimum mix of senior and mezzanine lenders
  • Creating a roll-up to list on the ASX via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of merged entities.

M&A Middle Market Topics

Get in touch for a discreet information session about your exit, expansion or acquisition strategy where we will discuss the following 5 key items:

  • Understand your desired outcome
  • Understanding your business
  • Develop a framework for your exit, expansion or acquisition strategy
  • Advising the most appropriate and timeous way to be “Due Diligence” ready.
  • How to present the transaction only to highly qualified suitors

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